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eDiagnocis Electronic Medical Record (EMR) feature allows you to record the critical patient data needed for diagnosis and treatment. Having patient information in a central, electronic location means data can be shared easily with doctor's team.
As you control your Patient's data, it is more secure in all ways. eDiagnocis also allows you to quickly get old diagnosis reports, saving you and your patient's time.
e diagnocis flexible methodology can be adaptable for both Clinic and mid sized hospitals

Clinic Management

  • Flexible Online Appointment Management Process
  • Improve diagnostics Process with data history
  • e Prescription makes practice anywhere and anytime

Hospital Management

  • Easy data management with flexible methodology
  • Dynamic User role management
  • Maintain privacy and security of patient health information

Front Desk Management

  • Patient Registration process and Assign Doctor
  • Online Appointment Management Process
  • In Patient-Ward/Bed Management

Appointment Management

  • Fast & Easy Scheduling of Appointments
  • Quick list of all Patient Appointments past & future
  • Flexible Time and Holiday Management

Diagnosis Management

Its made so simple and elegant, so Practioners can record and view their investigation reports anytime and anywhere

e-Prescription Management

An electronic prescription allows you to send electronic prescription to the pharmacy as well as Patients.History of prescriptions are maintained...

eLab Management

With the electronic lab results , integration between the lab and the emr has never been more seamless.History of Lab reports are maintained

eBilling Management

We have very flexible billing settings to adopt and maintain your own billing format

User Role Management

Accessibility can be customized independently for each user account and can limit access to any combination of resources

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