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About eDiagnocis

The eDiagnocis software is so powerful, user friendly,advanced, yet so affordable.We also guarantee you the most advanced and intuitive system around.

Foremost aspect of our software is " You own your Patient data yourself , it means we dont control your data"

We offer you the most inclusive systems in the market with fully integrated EMR and Practice Management software, Medical billing software, E-prescription,Pharmacy, Lab integration, old and new Document management, Appointment management, Patient portal,Statistics and many more options...

We dont compare with our competitors as we have an edge over others in means of intelligent workflow and security. With eDiagnocis, you will save and continue to save over time. You can save lot of revenue using our system over the time .

Cost-Effective, Time-Efficient Software
From the front office to the back, eDiagnocis offers an innovative approach that saves time, eases workflow, offers flexibility and delivers quick access. Now you'll be free to keep your real priorities - patient care and growing a practice anytime and from anywhere- in clear view!

We used our proven programming expertise to develop a web-based software product that is second to none . Recognizing critical key factors—such as time,accuracy, efficiency, full transparency, quick access,navigational ease—our team dedicated itself to significantly raising the bar.

Rated the best by our clients—healthcare professionals, like you—eDiagnocis is seamlessly designed. It only takes Internet access to get your office up and running at lightning speeds. . . quicker than any other software on the market. That also means you can securely log in to your web-based system and access comprehensive data wherever you go: the office, while traveling, at home, etc.

Secure Data

Access to your patient data is more secured as managed by yourself. we help you in securing your precious data

Cloud-Based or On Premise

e Diagnocis runs either on cloud or local Server based for your practice growth.

Easy to Access

The interface of a eDiagnocis will be simple rather than being aesthetically pleasing.

Intelligent Workflows

Intelligent workflows let you see how patients move through your practice in real time.

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